Our 2018 Learning Calendar

Collaboration for Impact (CFI) is delighted to deliver our 2018 Learning program.

In addition to our flagship annual conference, this year-long program of learning is our way of making all the knowledge, practice guides, tools, tips and other resources we have developed available to everyone in this emerging field of practice: from those at the beginning stages of their journey as a collaborators to those more experienced practitioners—offering you an appropriate and high-value learning experience at the time you need it most.

The suite of webinars, masterclasses, workshops, case-studies and conferences is the result of CFI’s now-more-than-four-years’ close, hand-in-hand work with over 50 diverse cross-sector collaborative initiatives across Australia.

The content has been especially devised both in response to your feedback, and as a result of our deepening understanding of the learning needs of the growing community of practice in this growing field. Each element has been designed to match the stage you may be at in your pathway to change, using CFI’s unique ‘Collaborative Change Cycle’—which is both a descriptive guide and a planning tool that identifies the clear milestones for working collaboratively with complexity. (You’ll love it! More here!)


**Subject to changes

Each element on the learning calendar will be delivered by one or more of CFI’s network of 15 highly skilled directors and associates. So you can be sure you will be learning from actual, experienced practitioners—not theorists—with roots deep within collaborative, community-led endeavours.

This is an invitation to build your confidence and your skills as a change maker in comprehensive community change and complexity, and to join a growing community of practice in this exciting and challenging field.


Collaboration for Impact National Conference

When: 19-23 November

Where: Logan, Queensland

Collaboration for Impact is joining forces with Logan Together, Opportunity Child and Griffith University to bring you ChangeFest!

If you’re involved in improving the lives of people and places and you recognise that more can be achieved together, than alone, then you need to be in Logan, Queensland between 19-23 November 2018.

During these 5 days you will learn, plan, relate, collaborate and progress your community’s agenda for change. You’ll also join a national movement that is improving the way social change happens in Australia.

Our agenda in hosting this conference is simple – support this movement to do what is needed so that every Australian and their community can thrive. To achieve this, some things need to change, and other things need to be amplified. This event will deliver what is needed for both of these outcomes.

ChangeFest 2018 will celebrate the most inspiring and impactful community change from Australia and around the world.  It brings together funders, decision makers, practitioners, leaders, mums and dads, and passionate humans, and supports them to work better together for people and places.

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LEADING COLLABORATIONS: Webinar – leadership interviews with people who are changing the system, Dr Michelle Lucas

When: 5 December at 1.30pm (AEDT)

Where: Online - the webinar link will be sent to you after you register

Effective leadership for systems change is critically needed if we are to make progress in the complex issues that people and communities are grappling with around Australia. Yet systems leadership is not well understood or valued. As part of this webinar series, we interview Dr Michelle Lucas, Executive Director of CMM – Social Change.  She currently facilitates community and collective effort across social challenges including early childhood development, child safety, education attainment and retention, social inclusion, equity and aboriginal disadvantage and opportunity.

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