DESIGNING COLLABORATIONS: Webinar – Using the CFI Collaborative Change Cycle to design your collaboration

Are you in a collaboration that is going nowhere? Did you start well and then get stuck? Are you looking to understand what to do next? Then this webinar is for you.

Collaboration for Impact have integrated the core disciplines and skills required to collaborate for systems change and presented them in a phased approach called the Collaborative Change Cycle. The Cycle is both a descriptive guide and a planning tool that identifies the clear milestones for working collaboratively with complexity.


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August 23 1:30pm (AEST)




Working in complexity often feels overwhelming and with no markers to know whether you are on track.  Whilst not a linear process, the Collaborative Change Cycle provides guidance on what phases and stage your collaboration is at.  Each phase and stage outlines the work required to make progress in four domains:

  • Leadership practice
  • Collaborative design
  • Community engagement
  • Data and measurement


This webinar is 1.5 hours in duration and will cover:

  • How the Collaborative Change Cycle was developed and the disciplines it blends (10 minutes)
  • A deep dive explanation and exploration of the Collaborative Change Cycle supported by case studies (50 minutes)
  • interactive Q&A with webinar participants (30 minutes)


You should attend this webinar if you are:

  • Involved in, leading or thinking about initiating a collaborative response to a complex challenge
  • Developing policy to better respond to complex challenges
  • Funding collaborative change processes
  • You play a role enabling collaborations to develop their thinking and practice
  • Evaluating the impact of collaborative change processes

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the webinar you will

  • Have greater awareness and understanding of the phases and stages of collaborative practice
  • Be able to diagnose where your collaboration is succeeding and where it needs attention
  • Understand the work and skills required to develop your and the collaborations leadership practice, collaborative design, community engagement and data and measurement systems




Kerry Graham, Director & Co-Founder, Collaboration for Impact

Kerry has worked in social change for over 20 years. Her purpose is to evolve the way social change happens in Australia for the benefit of young people.
Kerry is a Founder & Director of Collaboration for Impact – Australia’s leading organisation for learning how to respond to complex problems through effective collaboration. In this role, Kerry curates learning for and provides support to communities, corporations, governments, philanthropy and non-profit organisations on how to drive large-scale social change in intractable social challenges. Kerry also lectures on collaborative practice with Centre for Social Impact at University of New South Wales.
Prior to this Kerry held executive roles within national non-profit organisations (Inspire Foundation CEO; Good Beginnings Australia, COO); and advised governments on social policy (Australian Social Inclusion Board, NSW Treasurer’s Advisory Body). She holds qualifications in public policy, law, social work and community management.

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