About Us

Collaboration for Impact (CFI) is Australia’s leading organisation for learning how to respond to complexity through effective collaboration.

We are partnering to host ChangeFest18 and invite you to register and join with us for the premier national event in November in Queensland.

We believe in a society where everyone is able to thrive – where communities come together to solve their own challenges and seize opportunities.

As a learning organisation we

  • Build skills and capacity to address complex social problems
  • Offer a range of face-to-face and online learning events and programs
  • Develop capability to convene, design and lead Use data, facilitate learning and measure progress and impact
  • Convene the Australasian collaboration community of practice and a network of collaboration practitioners

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How we work

  • We walk alongside organisations and communities – shoulder to shoulder providing learning, strategic thinking and critical advice.
  • We build your capacity to lead in complexity and drive the change you desire.
  • We help build the infrastructure needed for collaboration, learning and systems change.

What we bring

  • A credible and growing Knowledge Hub of tools, practice, resources, frameworks, techniques and research, drawn from multiple disciplines and our international partners.
  • Extensive skills in collaboration, system leadership and building the capacity for innovation

Who we are

At the forefront of developing skills and experience on collaboration and collective impact in Australia, CFI’s Directors Kerry Graham & Liz Skelton bring over four decades of skills and experience in collaboration in complexity and leadership for social change. Kerry & Liz currently work with communities, governments, corporations and not-for-profit organisations to collaborate and innovate for large scale social change. They help leaders, organisations and communities develop collaborative solutions to their most complex challenges.

Collaboration for Impact understands that it takes a diverse range of skills, knowledge, expertise to achieve social change. That is why we operate as a networked organisation with a group of highly experienced practitioners from around Australia who are at the forefront of collaboration and collective impact in Australia. Each brings decades of experience in enabling leaders and organisations develop collaborative solutions to their most complex challenges.

Collectively, CFI brings expertise in the following multiple disciplines needed for large-scale social change.

  • Collective Impact
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Systems design and thinking
  • Community engagement and
  • development
  • Co-design & convening
  • Results based accountability
  • Developmental evaluation
  • Shared measurement

Our history

In 2014 the Centre for Social Impact and Social Leadership Australia joined forces to deliver the first Australian conference on Collective Impact – the sell-out Collective Impact 2014: convene immerse learn conference. The organisations established an initial website – called Collaboration for Impact – to provide a place for conference participants and other practitioners of Collective Impact to connect and learn from each other,

In these origins as a community of practice, CFI operated with largely voluntary resource. Between 2014-2015 the Centre for Social Impact provided initial founding support to CFI. CSI provided the vehicle for CFI’s operations and provided substantial financial and in-kind support.

CFI incorporated as a separate entity in 2015 and CSI became its strategic partner. CSI and CFI continue to partner in the advancement of best practice of collaboration in tackling complex social issues.

For more information contact us via email and sign up to receive our monthly newsletters.