We’re hiring an extraordinary Event Manager – is that you?

Thank you for your interest in this position.  We’d like to tell you a bit about CFI and why this role is so important to us, but first here’s the nuts and bolts.

The nuts and bolts

CFI are looking to engage an extraordinary Event Manager to work with us to deliver our annual Learning Program.  This role will be filled as a sub-contractor on an estimated 20 hours per week for 40 weeks of the year.  We note that this is not a part-time employment role and hours may vary week to week/month to month. We need you to start in January 2018.

The type of person we need you to be is:

  • Friendly, dependable and easy going
  • Independent and self-motivated – someone who values the role they will play in a small, fast-paced and remote team

The type of work style we need you to have is:

  • Strong project management skills – beyond managing events
  • Laser-like focus on detail
  • Ability to move fast and be adaptable as things change
  • Offering up solutions to problems before we know we have them
  • Getting things to flow and keeping everyone in the loop and happy
  • Great team player

The type of impact we want you to create:

  • Successful, without-a-hitch events that perform above participant expectations and within budget
  • That the CFI team and people who interact with CFI’s Learning Program feel confident in who you are and what you can do
  • That events continuously improve to create better participant experiences with more streamlined process and better costs.

Your focus will be operationally leading:

  • 15 x workshops around the country
  • 1 x online course offered twice
  • 10 x webinars
  • A number of communities of practice
As well as supporting our 1 x 3-day national Conference + additional workshops (event managers engaged). You will be responsible for overseeing and managing a Learning Program that deliver an excellent participant experience, paying attention to budget and time constraints, which includes:
  • Project planning  – create a critical path/deadlines/responsibilities to all involved (using a Project Management platform that you bring such as Dapulse/Basecamp/Asana) – keeps everyone on track
  • Venue management & logistics – agreements, AV, catering, printing
  • Contractor/speaker liaison – printing, AV requirements, dietary, travel arrangements, gifts for speakers
  • Event budget control – actual vs budget reconciliation
  • Run sheets – for speakers/venues – floor plan/participants/dietary etc
  • Marketing – being across the marketing strategy / comms plan
  • EDMs – Welcome/Registration, Thank You, Resources (Mailchimp)
  • On-site assistance – registration and execution
  • Evaluation & Feedback from – from Participants (Survey Monkey)
  • Resources – to CFI website within 3 days
  • Self-evaluation – feedback after the event for improvements
  • Reporting – provide final participant numbers (to update the Learning Events spreadsheet) and ensure adequate file management through our system
Your key team will be:
  • Kerry Graham, CFI’s Director responsible for Learning
  • CFI’s Learning Manager responsible for our the performance of our Learning Strategy
  • CFI’s Marketing and Communications Lead
You will also work with practitioners and organisations who are at the top of their field in Australia and internationally.

About CFI and why this role is so important

We are a small non-profit that enables people to tackle big, tough problems and create large scale impact through collaboration.  Our vision is for a society where everyone thrives – where communities solves their own challenges and seize opportunities.

Our work helps people and collaborations tackle the tough stuff – the challenges that no one organisations or program can solve on their own.  Working this way requires people and collaborations to work in new and different ways.  CFI supports the leadership and design of impactful collaborative change by:

  • Providing customised tailored support to collaborations providing strategic advice, capacity building and technical assistance.
  • Offering a Learning Program that enables people learn new approaches, skills and tools and gain confidence in making change in complex problems.  Which is where you come in!
Our Learning Program has grown from strength to strength over the years.  It is now time to consolidate and strengthen the Learning Program to become a highly impactful and self-sustaining pillar of our work.  The role you are considering taking up is critical to CFI reach, impact and sustainability.

If you are interested, please reach out to kerry@collaborationforimpact.com telling us why you think you are perfect for this role.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kerry Graham

CFI Director





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