ENGAGING COMMUNITY: Webinar showcasing Hands Up Mallee’s community engagement approach

Hands Up Mallee is a collective impact initiative that channelled the voice, aspirations and priorities of 1600 community members into the development of their common agenda.  They also formed and enabled a diverse Community Leaders Table of 20 citizens to join with government and service leaders to determine the agenda for their community.  Register for this webinar to hear why and how they did this and the impact community mobilisation and leadership has had in their region.

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21 March 2018 at 1:30pm (AEST)


Online - the webinar link will be sent to you after you register


Hands Up Mallee is a collective impact initiative working to strengthen families and the community of Mildura. After two years of extensive community engagement and consultation Hands Up Mallee has set their Common Agenda and is committed to the initiative being community led. The Hands Up Mallee team believes that the role community plays is the difference between innovative, creative and divergent thinking, strategy and action, and ‘business as usual’.


This webinar is 1.5 hours in duration and will cover:

  • the case and evidence for community engagement (10 minutes)
  • the story of how Hands Up Mallee has designed and implemented their community engagement approach and the impacts that has created (50 minutes)
  • interactive Q&A with webinar participants (30 minutes)


You should register for this webinar if you are interested in:

  • the practical, real-world application of community engagement theory and tools
  • learning how context influences the work of community mobilisation and leadership
  • being inspired by what is possible when community engagement is undertaken as a way of working to achieve large-scale impact

Learning Objectives:

To learn about the principles, approach, design, tools and impact of Hands Up Mallee’s community mobilisation and leadership building work.


$30 +GST


Cheree Jukes, Backbone Leader

Cheree is the Manager of Community Care Services at Mildura Rural City Council having recently transitioned from her role as Executive Officer of the Northern Mallee Community Partnership and Backbone lead for Hands Up Mallee.

Cheree started her career as a nurse and midwife and spent 5 years travelling across Australia working in small rural health settings and large tertiary hospitals. This experience fostered in Cheree a strong belief in the need to prioritise preventative health in order to protect from acute health issues. After studying Public Health and working for 13 years in the acute health sector as a clinician, educator and senior health manager, Cheree chose to commit to the work of Hands Up Mallee in her current role.

Cheree is a public health advocate with an unrelenting belief in equity and knowledge that through collaboration and partnerships we can achieve unprecedented results. With much to learn, Cheree is finding her feet in the community sector whilst bringing a well developed transformational and adaptive leadership style that is supporting the development of effective teams and partnerships to drive the work of Hands Up Mallee towards a vision of strong and resilient families where children are nurtured and set for life.

Renée Ficarra

Renée is the Community Development Officer with Mildura Rural City Council and the lead Engagement Officer of the Hands Up Mallee Backbone.

Renée holds a degree in Public Relations and has over 12 years experience in the Community Development Sector.  Renée was involved in the creation of the first Social Indicators report published by the MRCC in 2006 and the following two reports since released. Renée is a passionate advocate for hearing the voice of our community and maintaining that voice as central to creating community change. She believes that working in a different way will ensure improved results, and that equity for all is an investment in a healthy, connected community.

Her experience in engaging with community is an invaluable resource in understanding how to successfully engage your community for collaborative impact.

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