DATA AND SHARED MEASUREMENT: Online course – Building your shared measurement system

Measuring impact is important, but pursuing ‘shared measurement’ can result in a lot of work for little gain—because people can get caught designing a data management system rather than generating insights to help them move forward. Taking the intention of shared measurement and reframing it as shared learning and accountability can help avoid that – and that is what this program will help you do.

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From 19 February to 30 March 2018


Online over 6 weeks


This program will help you to develop a shared learning and accountability system that allows you to track what you are doing, how well you are doing it, what outcomes are (and are not) being delivered, what you are learning in the process and what needs to come next. If you are looking for a practical program to help you design this sort of system and are prepared to participate and share your experience and learning with others, then this program is for you.

Tailored for people who are involved in supporting collaborative initiatives as backbone coordinators, learning facilitators and data managers, this program will help you move forward in developing and implementing a shared learning and accountability system. We anticipate that participants will be at different points in setting up these types of systems and so we will work with you to understand where you are up to and tailor learning to align with that.


This six week online course is delivered through three 1.5 hour group learning sessions, participation in the online data managers’ community of practice, and  two 1 hour one-on-one coaching sessions.

In the program we will:

  • discuss what good learning and accountability systems involve from both a technical and an adaptive change perspective
  • talk through how to think about and link the population and activity level components of a learning system
  • explore how to deal with emergence and structure learning and accountability systems so that they can be flexible and adapt to changes in focus and activity
  • provide practical tools and examples to help you design and / or evolve your system
  • talk through how you can use technology to help you manage and share the data and insights that you are generating
  • back up group online learning sessions with one-on-one coaching with the facilitators to help you translate what has come through the group sessions into practice and/or or help you to deal with practical challenges that you are facing
  • link you with peer learning partners to help you consolidate your learning.

The dates for the three 1.5 hour online group learning sessions are:

  • Thursday 22nd Feb:  12pm – 1:30pm (AEDT)
  • Thursday 8 March:  12pm – 1:30pm (AEDT)
  • Thursday 22nd March:  12pm – 1:30pm (AEDT)


The Building Your Shared Measurement System course is designed for people who are involved in supporting collaborative initiatives as backbone coordinators, learning facilitators and data managers.

To get the most out of the program and contribute to the peer learning process you will need to:

  • be working in an established collaboration that has an existing or emerging agenda (so you know what you are working on to drive change) and
  • at least be starting to collect baseline data or be further beyond that from a data collection perspective.

You might be caught in a shared measurement rabbit hole and wondering what to do next, or you might be on track and thinking about how to evolve your learning and accountability system.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this program we want you to:

  • be able to self-assess where your shared learning and accountability system is up to and what you need to work on to move forward
  • be able to develop a strategy to take the next step forward
  • understand the split between population and activity level learning and accountability frameworks
  • understand how those levels fit together
  • have access to a suite of tools you can use to help build and / or evolve your learning and accountability system
  • be aware of the sorts of technology options that are available to share data and know when the right time is to tap into them
  • have built peer learning partnerships and networks that you can continue to tap into long after the course is finished.


"So happy I attended - very worthwhile, relevant and enjoyable. Generated excellent conversations, content was rich - and fast! - lots of tools and inspiring case studies which was great."

Course participant 2017



Early bird ticket price (4 weeks before course) = $1260 + GST
Full ticket price $1400 + GST


Jen Riley, Founder of Navigating Outcomes & CFI Associate

Jenny Riley is a leading practitioner in measuring and evaluating complex social change in Australia.

Building on a 20-year career in the social sector, Jen has spent the last seven years developing adaptive learning systems and shared measurement frameworks for cross-sector place-based collaborations.

Prior to this Jen has worked for Department of Employment and Workplace Relations and for international NGOs including Oxfam Australia, Plan International and United Way. In her last role at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Jenny worked with a range of clients from the government, non-profit and philanthropic sectors. Jen is now an associate with Collaboration for Impact the founder and principal consultant at Navigating Outcomes.

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