CFI Backbone Boot Camp

Working collaboratively is tough. Leading collaborative initiatives is even tougher. Based on CFI’s Collaborative Change Cycle, Backbone Boot Camp will provide participants with a combination of individual and group learning, practical frameworks and tools, and personal coaching and support.

What we will cover

The four key topics covered are:

  • Understanding complex social challenges
  • Diagnosing your local community and service system
  • Tailoring your backbone role, structure and functions to local conditions
  • Sustaining yourself and continuing to grow both personally and professionally

How it will be run

Boot Camp will run over a 10 week period, including:

  • 2 consecutive face-to-face days at commencement (16 & 17 October 2017)
  • 2 half day video-conferences
  • 2 phone call coaching session
  • 1 face-to-face day at completion (12 December 2017)



$1,500 + GST

  • Participants will need to arrange and fund flights and accommodation to Sydney for the face to face gatherings.
  • Terms:  A minimum of 30 participants is required to go ahead.

See flyer for further details CFI Backbone Boot Camp Flyer and register your interest at

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