Collaboration for Impact Conference May 2016 – slides & presentations

PrintOn 5 and 6 May 2016, Collaboration for Impact came together with partners Centre for Social Impact and Social Leadership Australia to present Collaboration for Impact. The conference was designed to help us bring collaborative approaches to life in work and community. Delegates were introduced to the latest thinking and doing in collaboration and Collective Impact and learnt how to make progress on some of our most complex social issues. Below are some of the hugely informative presentations that were made:

Collaboration in Context – presented by Kerry Graham, Collaboration for Impact & Lisa Ryan, Social Leadership Australia.

This session gave delegates an understanding of the mainstream response to collaborative challenges and how systems often unwittingly and despite good intention end up blocking real change. If collaboration is to succeed it needs to deviate from these familiar patterns.


Being a Backbone – presented by Michelle Lucas, Opportunity Child

As evidence grows around the strength and possibilities of Collective Impact, patterns are emerging about the competencies, attributes and functions of the critical role of Backbone Leader. Using a case study approach, this presentation delved more deeply into the varying shapes of the role in diverse regions across Australia, exploring the commonalities, the deep differences and the current challenges facing these courageous pioneers. Specifically, the presentation looked at the Backbone role in remote aboriginal communities, in regional environments and within complex urban populations.

Building your Shared Measurement System – presented by Jenny Riley, Navigating Outcomes

This workshop was aimed at the ‘how to’ of shared measurement systems – how to develop a shared program logic and how to develop this into a shared measurement framework to track progress. The session also provided a quick live demonstration of building an online dashboard using the Power BI tool.



Working with your Power – presented by Lisa Ryan, Social Leadership Australia

The ability to work collectively inevitably means that those we are trying to collaborate with will represent different interests, values, cultures and sectors. This is perhaps one of the hardest things to deal with in working collaboratively: that there are differences in the power of each stakeholder. This workshop examined the different types of power and their value, how to use one’s power, and how to empower others to benefit from collaborative work rather than impede it.


Stories for Impact – presented by Mikey Leung, Digital Storytellers

The road to collective impact involves inspiring others to action. And the success of these efforts – whether it be marketing, fundraising, grant writing and community building – comes down to storytelling. This workshop provided skills, tools and resources to tell your social change story more effectively and without the need for a big budget or expensive equipment.


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