An Australian Collective Impact initiative tackling homelessness

An Australia collective impact initiative tackling homelessness in Woolloomooloo, Sydney

The 90 Homes for 90 Lives initiative started in 2010. The project developed from a meeting between Doug Taylor, CEO of United Way Australia, and Liz Giles, at the time Manager of the Homelessness Unit, City of Sydney, and a shared interest in solving the endemic issue of homelessness in Woolloomooloo.woolloomooloo wharf picture

Woolloomooloo, at the time the project started, had the highest concentration of rough sleepers in Sydney in spite of the numerous organisations involved in servicing homelessness in the area. Around 90 individuals were sleeping rough in this inner city suburb. United Way Australia and the City of Sydney, having witnessed the lack of success in permanently addressing the problem, were ready to look at innovative ways to significantly reduce the number of people sleeping rough in the area.

To this aim, they brought together a group of cross-sector stakeholders and started a conversation about what could be done for the rough sleeping population of Woolloomooloo. From this conversation arose the 90 Homes for 90 Lives initiative, with the ambitious goal of providing permanent exits from homelessness for the 90 rough sleepers in Woolloomooloo, as the name of the initiative indicates.

To read more about this collective impact journey, please read our case study in the PDF below



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